Herman's Puzzle Hunt Resources

Note: This page is still under construction and subject to change in the near future. Content will be added to the github wiki and later ported over to this page once I have added a sufficient amount of content.

Hi! I'm Herman Chau who competed in many puzzle hunts with the team Black Fedora Group. I've written some resources to help new puzzle hunters quickly get up to speed on the types of puzzles they might encounter in a puzzle hunt and I've also authored a number of puzzle hunts.

On this site you'll find the documents I've written for both new puzzle hunters and to record mistakes that we (Black Fedora Group) have made in past hunts. You'll also find puzzles I've written and their corresponding solutions here.


Puzzles By Me

Here are some selected puzzles written by me over the past few years. The puzzles I've chosen here are from hunts I wrote directed towards beginner/intermediate level puzzle hunters.

Miscellaneous Links